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Welcoming the newest Members of the Skrappy Nation

Name Interests

Kaylin Garrett Web Page Design, Communications & Advertising

T’Kira Tucker (TT) Business & Programming

SKRAPPY gets a Library Card

Come to the Clarksville Public Library on November 16, 2019 to meet Bluestone High School’s robot Skrappy. In April Skrappy finished last season’s FIRST ROBOTS COMPETITION Destination Deep Space at the District Championship at George Mason University in Fairfax VA. This year’s competition Infinite Recharge commences in January. While Skrappy excels at hatch pickup and installation to seal the openings to a Rocket or Cargo ship, and then delivering cargo to both, Infinite Recharge may require a new set of skills.

Skrappy recently visited the South Central Fair and now, to further prepare for this new challenge Skrappy decided to visit the library to find books that can help develop new skills. As any other patron, Skrappy will need a Library Card. Since Skrappy has never been to the library some assistance may be required.

If you’d like to help Skrappy get a Library Card and find a book (or even get a Card for yourself!), you are invited to come to the Clarksville Public Library from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM on Saturday, November 16, 2019. Skrappy’s Teammates will be present to show you how Skrappy works and maybe play a game of catch with you. There will also be refreshments available. We look forward to seeing you there to assist Skrappy in this quest.

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