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Skrappy’s Systems

The programming language is LabVIEW, and it indeed serves its purpose.   The students and their mentor (a.k.a. math teacher) prepare the programming that makes the robot compete. Syncing the robot with the controllers and laptops is their important task. Their main goal is making Skrappy perform its assigned task in order to successfully complete the course to the best of its ability on the field.

The electrical team designs the circuitry to operate similarly to the human body. The motherboard, or the brain of the robot, is there to the help the other software run the robot. The wires (veins to the robot) are able to distribute the different programs and power to their proper places.

Engineering the mechanics for Skrappy is complicated, yet intriguing. The team started by drawing up a plan for what the game required the robot to do,  and then they strategized the options available for success.  A fuel chute was added along with a shooter to fire when lined up with the boiler. Then an agitator was added to move the fuel to the bottom of the shooter to be prepared to fire.   Hopefully, these modifications will lead to success.

Safety is KEY

In the matter of safety, members don’t turn an eye, not even papercuts go unnoticed. They always wear their protection including;  eye, ears, hands, and foot protection.  As soon as the safety manual is out, it is their friend. It stays with them day and night;  the manual never leaves their sight. Safety is their top priority.   Safety spreads from the field to the stands, and their  Safety Captain ranks number one.


    This year, Skrappy will be built to shoot fuel into the boiler. He will have quick speed and lots of room on his back to carry it. He will zip back and forth while fighting for his team.  He will climb to great heights.  Each team member is as dedicated as anyone can be, plus, during the season, no one gives up the fight, unless forced to kiss the championship ‘goodbye.’  This is true of the current year.  Skrappy’s team returns to the 2017 season with packed bags because THIS year will not be the last.  No matter how fatal a hit is taken, Team Skrappy 1413 will fight to overcome.

The Life of 1413: Team Skrappy

In the middle of nowhere, there is a school, named Bluestone High,  in a small county called Mecklenburg in the great state of Virginia.  Bluestone High School is the headquarters and the home of a popular little team called Skrappy 1413. The members are intelligent young adults, and every day they put their heart and soul into working with the robot, known as ‘Skrappy’.   Due to the school’s rural setting, minimum resources, and scarce funding, many times one robot is scrapped to make parts for the new one.  Every year the team will change the bot, so he can play on the field to the best of his ability.

Skrappy’s 8 Safety rules

Skrappy’s Top 8 Safety Tips                          


  1. Wear your safety glasses whenever you are in the pit.
  2. Always wear heat resistant gloves and ear plugs while using machinery.
  3. Always wear closed-toed shoes, keep long hair tied up, and avoid wearing loose clothing.
  4. Always keep your workplace and the pit clean. Put away items immediately after use.
  5. Get an adult’s help immediately if you are harmed or need assistance.
  6. Children age 14 and under should be accompanied by an adult.
  7. Make sure batteries are put away properly.
  8. No food or drinks in the pit.

Chasis build begans

Bluestone High School, Team 1413 started chasis build for robot Skrappy today. We customized the chasis to fit the teams’ design for FIRST Steamworks.

Robot Picture
Basic 2015 Chasis for Trainer





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